Management Team

Melissa Wagner

CEO & President

Melissa Wagner is known as a confident and energized leader. Wagner is passionate about guiding DenteMax associates and client partners in the right direction for success and growth. With more than 30 years of extensive dental industry experience, she has a proven track record of taking advantage of opportunities, developing them and delivering profitable solutions.

Wagner’s focus has consistently been on helping client partners develop programs and products to retain and grow their dental business. Wagner has also pushed her team to make it a priority to established new and innovative client partner relationships that have resulted in strong growth opportunities. In 2013, DenteMax earned its largest profit in the company’s history and saw its commercial PPO network grow to more than 179,000 dental access points.       

In her previous role as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for DenteMax, which began in 2001, Wagner quadrupled the company’s revenue and tripled its number of client relationships. This contributed to DenteMax being recognized as one of the largest leasable dental PPO network in the country, a status which the company still holds today. Prior to joining DenteMax, Wagner worked in various dental marketplace positions where she developed skills in dental benefits, practice management and more.

Outside of the office, the Michigan native enjoys spending time with her friends and family and the outdoors at her lake house in mid-Michigan.

Mike Miller

Vice President of Dental Networks & Professional Relations

Mike Miller became DenteMax's Vice President of Dental Networks in 2009. In this role, he is responsible for leading the network development, support and professional relations functions for the DenteMax DPPO network. Mike has over 30 years of experience in the health insurance field. He has held a variety of management roles in claims, product development and managed care.

Prior to joining DenteMax, Mike was the 2nd Vice President of Dental Network Operations at Assurant Employee Benefits. While at Assurant Employee Benefits, Mike also served as the President of Dental Health Alliance, L.L.C., the national dental PPO wholly owned by Assurant and as President of Assurant's regional DHMO companies.

Mike graduated with high honors from the University of Missouri, Columbia where he earned degrees in Secondary Education and General Honors. Within the insurance industry, Mike has held positions on various AHIP and National of Association of Dental Plan committees and has served on the Board of the National Association of Specialty Health Organizations.

Kim Sharbatz

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Kim Sharbatz is known for her ability to solve problems, uncanny persistence and tireless dedication. She has a proven knack of planning and executing creative business solutions that bolster and build client-partner relationships. Kim is passionate about growing and evolving DenteMax’s business model for the near and distant future. She has built and developed her sales and marketing teams around these goals and is focused on providing them with the tools they need to succeed.

Sharbatz has more than 13 years of experience in dental network leasing sales, marketing and communications at DenteMax. Prior to entering the healthcare industry, Kim was a Life Sciences Brand Manager and a Marketing and New Product Development Specialist at and Fulcrum Information Services. She has earned several merit awards throughout her career including the DenteMax 'Bring your Best' award.

The Michigan native holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Sociology from the University of Michigan and a Master in Science Administration in Healthcare Administration from Central Michigan University. Outside of work, she can be found caring for her family, reading a good book or helping out with a local charity.

Dr. Timothy Custer

Dental Director

Dr. Timothy Custer has over 30 years experience within the dental industry. As Dental Director, Dr. Custer oversees the Professional Review and Utilization Management of claims within all lines of business. Dr. Custer provides professional opinion and clinical oversight to various departmental initiatives within the organization, including Operations, Network Development, Special Investigations and Dental Wellness. 

Dr. Custer received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Loyola University School of Dentistry in 1983 and MBA from Benedictine University in 2001. Dr. Custer is a member of the American Dental Association, the Illinois State Dental Society, the Chicago Dental Society and the American Association of Dental Consultants.

Kathy Larkin

Senior Manager Regulatory Oversight & Compliance

Kathy Larkin is known for her attention to detail, keen ability to ask the right questions, resolve regulatory issues and minimalize operational impacts that could be detrimental to DenteMax and its client partners. She has been recognized throughout her career for her talent of finding new perspectives on complex projects, identifying the root cause of problems and delivering effective solutions. Some of her proudest moments at the company include achieving full compliance in all 50 states for DenteMax and implementing an effective compliance program for the company's more than 200 client partners.

Larkin has over 30 years of experience in the dental and healthcare insurance industry. Prior to joining DenteMax, she worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Blue Care Network and Health Alliance Plan in various capacities. She also managed two law offices in the metro Detroit area.

The Michigan native holds a Bachelor's of Science from Rochester College and a Master in Science Administration in Healthcare Administration from Central Michigan University. In her free time, you can find Larkin spending time with friends and family, doing crafts, home improvement projects and mentoring young people.

Ignacio Quiaro von Thun

Senior Manager Network Development

Ignacio Quiaro von Thun is known for his ability to do whatever it takes to get the job done and his talents to assemble and manage teams that make a difference each and every day they come to work at DenteMax. He utilizes his creativity and love of numbers to engage his team, improve network development and decrease expenses. He is passionate about expanding the company's PPO network, working with dental practices and caring for his team of employees.

He has more than 10 years of experience in dental network development and healthcare management at both DenteMax and Assurant Health. Prior to entering the healthcare industry, Ignacio was an independent financial services agent and self-employed benefit associate with the World Financial Group with clients like Cabela's outfitters, various school districts, hospitals and agricultural workers. He has earned several merit awards throughout his career including being named one of the top recruiters at Assurant, earning high company participation rates at World Financial Group and increasing the DenteMax network by 15%.

The Venezuelan native holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Chemistry minor from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He also holds a MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management with a graduate certificate in Project Management. He recently was accepted into the Master's program at Eastern Michigan University for Healthcare Economics. In his free time, you can find Ignacio spending time with his family or indulging in his obsession with rugby.