10 reasons why you should consider becoming a certified dental marketing assistant

Source: DentistryIQ, by Ken Newhouse

More and more dentists are beginning to understand that one of the most significant aspects in running a profitable dental practice is their ability to successfully promote and market their practice. The problem is that promoting a dental practice is a full time job in itself. Because most dentists are not marketing experts, and they do not understand the vast array of marketing options available, they can end up wasting a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money trying to choose their best option.

Until recently, dentists didn’t have what I consider a “best option.” Their options consisted of dental marketers and practice management companies that offered the same worn-out strategies that have been used for decades.

The good news is that a better solution exists today – the Dental Marketing Assistant (CDMA) University Certification Program. Dentists no longer have to worry about wasting time, money, and effort searching for the right solution.

Instead, they can hire a certified dental marketing assistant to handle every aspect of practice marketing and promotion. That’s right! They can hand over the marketing tasks to a highly trained, highly capable dental marketing assistant, which frees dentists to run their practice.

Are you a candidate for pursuing a career as a dental marketing assistant?

Here are the first five of the top 10 reasons why you may want to become a certified dental marketing assistant (CDMA).