Customer service trumps all

Source: DentistryIQ

Focusing on enhanced customer service will create strong relationships and increased commitment from patients, which is the secret to maintaining viability in all circumstances. Unfortunately, providing patients with an experience that exceeds expectations may feel like “fiddling while Rome is burning” when there are feelings of fewer patients. We woefully undervalue what it means to provide an ever increasing level of service to our patients, because we assume that if we are good people and provide excellent dentistry, the rest will take care of itself. That is just not the case! 

It’s easy to get stuck and focus on the clinical aspects of care, and forget the very important “human agenda” that goes with that care. Patients will judge your quality of care first and foremost by how they feel, not how long a restoration lasts or whether you use the latest technology. It is always appropriate to start any strategic plan with a long, hard look at your customer service.