Recipe for rapid practice growth

Source: Dental Economics, by Michael Kesner, DDS

Has your practice's growth plateaued or declined over the last few years? Our weak economy has made it difficult for many dental practices across the nation.

Would you like to create rapid growth in your practice in spite of the weak economy? You can if you make some changes to the way you practice the business of dentistry.

Times have changed. You can't run your practice the same way that you have for the last few years and expect it to continue growing and be financially successful. Our economy has changed. The consumer has changed. How people pick a dentist has changed. How to market your practice has changed.

What we find in dental offices across the nation is that the problems that hinder practice growth have always been there. Now that the economy is down, these problems have become magnified.

Rapid practice growth requires willingness to let go of comfortable, long-held beliefs about the business of dentistry. After 19 years of barely getting by in my practice, I changed the way I practiced the business of dentistry. As a result, my practice's revenue grew from $675,000 per year to $4 million per year in only five years.

Here are four basic ways to increase your practice revenue.