E-newsletters for dental practices made easy

Source: DentistryIQ, by Amy LaVange

The last thing you need is something else to do. But if I weren’t completely certain that adding another task to the list would make a valuable difference for your practice, I wouldn’t suggest it.

E-newsletters - are you sending them? E-newsletters are an excellent, pressure-free approach to staying connected with your patients on a consistent basis. They keep you top-of-mind, so patients remain loyal, active, and engaged in their care.

Before you protest, let me tell you that creating patient e-newsletters isn’t as complicated as it may seem. They are well worth the effort, but the effort doesn’t have to be monumental. If you don’t use a service that helps you manage your patient communication, creating e-newsletters may be a little more time consuming, but they are still very doable. Here are a few tips for creating your own dental patient newsletters.