Yes, dentists have feelings too

Source: DentistryIQ, by Marsha Mullett, DDS

I recently interviewed a dental assistant, two front desk team members, and a dental hygienist. There were confused looks on their faces when I asked them, "What do you think makes your dentist feel inadequate or have a low sense of self-esteem?"

So I explained, "Dentists are people too, and they have days when they feel low. Don’t you?" They all look as though they had never thought about this possibility. It was difficult for them to come up with answers. But with some prompting to get them started, they came up with this list:

When a patient complains about the doctor or a team member, and maybe even leaves the practice
When there is conflict among team members
When there is low production, low case acceptance, and not enough new patients
When team do not members take responsibility for their actions
When the practice does not meet goals
When there are cash flow issues