What We Do

The essence and core of DenteMax, since its inception, is its PPO network of dental professionals, their practices and our clients who use the network in their benefit programs. Dentists are our essential partners in connecting high quality, cost effective dental care to more than 28 million members across the country. DenteMax then leases its network to client partners, such as insurance companies, third-party administrators and self-funded groups, to enhance, retain and grow their businesses. We use our experience, access, quality standards and economical fee pricing to link all of these organizations together in a universally beneficial arrangement. Our team is fully committed to supporting its dentists, client partners and their members with outstanding management, customer service and administration. This support can come in many forms from custom recruitment, network development, sales support, benefits guidance and general open-door communications with our team.

DenteMax is dedicated to providing our dentists, as well as our client partners, with essential dental solutions to enhance and improve their businesses through long-term partnerships. Resulting in members savings and access to a nationwide network of quality dentists.

We are fully committed to increasing our dentists' access to new patients with a solid commitment to continuously add new clients to our book of business. For this reason, the vast majority of dentists choose to stay with DenteMax throughout their entire careers.

Client Partners
We strive to supply our client partners with outstanding custom recruitment, sales support, dental analytics, reporting and customer service. For these reasons, we maintain extremely low turnover rates and retain long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

Members who use the DenteMax network have the freedom to choose from our nationwide dental network. DenteMax provides peace of mind for members with predictable fee schedules that are typically 20%-40% below dentists' usual charges. We make sure that each and every dentist goes through a rigorous credentialing process than includes re-credentialing every three years. 

Our strict credentialing policy gives members peace of mind when choosing a high quality DenteMax dentist. DenteMax requires all dentists to complete and pass credentialing before being admitted to the network. Dentists are re-credentialed every three years to maintain this level of quality.

All DenteMax dentists agree to charge members using a fixed fee schedule that is typically 20%-40% below their usual charges. This provides savings for members and their families every time they visit a DenteMax dentist.

The DenteMax network provides more than 28 million members with high quality credentialed dentists, specialists and their practices with cost effective prices and savings. They have the freedom to choose a dentist of their choice within the PPO network. Each family member has the option to choose their own dentist, even if the dentists are all located in different locations. If they are active DenteMax dentists they will recognize our fee for services.

DenteMax has over 35 years of experience in managing its dental PPO network. This practical wisdom gives us the ability to perceive and understand the dental landscape like no other company in the industry. DenteMax uses this knowledge each and every day to monitor marketplace changes and plot its future successes. Our staff also brings a wealth of experience that is unmatched in the industry.