Medicare Network

The DenteMax Medicare PPO network is one of the largest leasable Medicare networks in the country. It represents an excellent leasing option for any potential client partner. It provides savings to supplement or enhance existing benefit plans or as an all-new program. Dentists in the DenteMax Medicare network must meet the same requirements as do our Commercial network dentists. While there are no set Centers for Medicare guidelines for dental networks, DenteMax, has gone the extra mile and applied relevant Complying with Medicare Signature (CMS) requirements for medical doctors to the dentists in our network.

Dentists face a NPBD (National Practitioner Data Bank) query to ensure they do not have malpractice claims or Medicare/Medicaid sanctions. They are subject to ongoing monitoring for licensing and Medicare/Medicaid sanctions performed monthly by our Credentials Verification Organization (CVO). Monitoring also occurs through the Office of Inspection General (OIG) and Excluded Partners List System (EPLS).

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