By partnering with DenteMax, our average fees of 20%-40% below dentist regular fees can be passed on directly to your groups and their members. The DenteMax Commercial network is also one of the largest, seamless, independent dental PPO networks in the country, so a dentist is always right around the corner for your membership. 

Savings Analysis
A savings analysis easily illustrates to your groups the estimated claims savings gained by adding the DenteMax PPO network to a dental plan. DenteMax uses a group’s claim data to complete a four-phase savings calculation and re-prices the claims data using the DenteMax fee schedules. The result is an in-depth analysis proving a solid estimate of savings the network will bring and its overall benefits to a client group. Both pre-savings and post-savings analysis can be completed on regular intervals to evaluate how markets are changing and to see your total savings throughout the year. If you are interested in having a saving analysis completed please contact your dedicated account manager and they will provide you with the data details required to complete the report.