The Affordable Care Act

DenteMax evaluates news and information on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for our employees and clients on a regular basis. Currently, there is still considerable confusion and doubts surrounding the ACA as it relates to dental insurance. This section is designed to provide summaries and links of some of the top articles we have recently encountered of this subject and its relation to the dental industry.

ACA and Dental Coverage – The Basics  
A two-page summary on the basics of the ACA and dental coverage with various questions and answers sections and how children’s dental benefits will be offered.
Source: - Feb. 2013

Affordable Care Act falls short, ADA research says
Nearly 18 million adults will gain some level of dental benefits from the Affordable Care Act, but only 4.5 million of these adults are expected to gain extensive dental benefits through Medicaid. An additional 800,000 are expected to gain private dental benefits through health insurance exchanges. Combined, about 5 percent fewer adults will be without dental benefits.
Source:  - May 2013

Potential effects of the Affordable Care Act
An estimated 3 million children will gain dental benefits by 2018 through health insurance exchanges, roughly a 5 percent increase over the number of children with private benefits currently, the Association said in a report on potential effects of the Affordable Care Act on dentistry. The ACA does not address coverage for adult dental benefits. However, some states are looking at adult coverage as a potential optional benefit after the ACA-mandated health benefit exchanges are in place.
Source:  - Oct. 2013

Dental crisis could create 'State of Decay'
Neither Medicare nor the Affordable Care Act includes adult dental coverage, although some pediatric dental care is covered. Even the Medigap insurance that adults buy to expand their plans' benefits still won't cover dental procedures. Less than 1% of dental services are covered by Medicare.
Source: - Oct. 2013

Colorado releases insurance exchange rates
The Division released rates for 221 kinds of optional dental insurance. For individuals, the dental premiums range from $16 a month to $67 a month, again depending on level of coverage and location in the state.
Source: Associated Press  - Aug. 2013

ACA dental coverage: must offer, may purchase
Insurers must offer pediatric dental coverage as an essential health benefit beginning in 2014, but consumers shopping through the new insurance exchanges won't necessarily have to buy it. The final rule on standards related to essential health benefits mandates the offer of benefits defined by the Affordable Care Act as essential, including dental coverage, but does not require the purchase of the pediatric dental essential health benefit if the purchase is made through an exchange.
Source:  - Feb. 2013