DenteMax has a suite of reports that will easily help to identify if its PPO network is a good match for your groups and their members. We use a combination of licensed and proprietary software to generate our network analysis. Our sales and marketing representatives will also work with you to interpret the results of the analysis provided to ensure messaging to your group customers communicates the value of the DenteMax network.

GeoNetworks® Reports
A GeoNetworks® report reveals members’ access to a dentist within specified geographic criteria using census data. This report demonstrates the DenteMax network access as it relates to your membership. 

Disruption Reports
A disruption report will illustrate to a potential group how many of their members' dentists will remain in-network if they were to utilize the DenteMax network. Even a disruption as low as 6%-8% is enough to recognize valuable savings using a PPO network. Disruption results can also be used to identify areas for recruitment to enhance your group’s network access. Tax ID is a critical data element used to complete a disruption analysis.

Savings Analysis
Estimates claims savings gained by adding the DenteMax PPO network to a dental plan program. See more in our Savings section.

CDT Code Analysis
A CDT Code Analysis gives a perspective client/group an idea of the average DenteMax fee as well as the typical dentist charge for a given CDT code in a geographic area. Usually these are basic procedures like cleanings, filings, etc.

Requests for Proposal and Requests for Information Requests
DenteMax will partner with you to answer Requests for Proposal (RFP) and Requests for Information (RFI) questions related to the use of the DenteMax network. We respond with specific analysis and reporting to answer all related network questions.

Network Comparison
The DenteMax PPO network can be directly measured against other major dental networks. DenteMax can compare these networks by state, city, county, zip code or Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA).

Marketing Materials and Presentation Support
The DenteMax Sales and Marketing staff can work directly with you to develop marketing materials and presentations that will help you grow your dental business and showcase the DenteMax network to your groups.