Benefits of Joining

DenteMax contracts with quality dentists who are interested in increasing their access to new patients through our dental PPO network. Here are some reasons why it is advantageous to join DenteMax.

Expanded Reach
Align your practice with the solid reputation of the DenteMax network and hundreds of insurance companies, plan administrators and self-funded groups. Boost your business with new patients and referrals from the network. Build your patient base for the long-term with a network that is growing right alongside your practice.

Quality Credentialed Dentists
DenteMax has established a reputation of quality by building a network of credentialed dentists. Members have peace of mind when choosing a DenteMax dentist because the DenteMax dental network is made up of the best dentists in the nation. It is for precisely this reason that DenteMax requires credentialing before a dentist is accepted into the network, and then requires recredentialing every 3 years.

Increased Visibility
Free advertising through national directories can bring you new patients and opportunities for favorable referrals from their friends, family or coworkers.  

Easy Administration
Your practice will use only one DenteMax fee schedule regardless of the patient’s insurance or third-party administrator plan.

Inclusive for Multiple Offices and Dentists
All dentists and offices working under the same Tax ID are included in the DenteMax network. 

Customer Service
DenteMax has a professional team of representatives responsible for growing, maintaining and servicing the network. We strongly believe in regular and open communication with all participating dentists. Our secure web portal hosts current network information designed specifically for you. We also provide quarterly newsletters, news items and annual fee updates directly to your practice. 

MaxPlus Program
DenteMax partners with various respected dental product and service companies that provide exclusive savings to DenteMax network dentists that can help reduce your expenses.

How to Apply
To begin the process of becoming a DenteMax dentist, follow the detailed instructions on the Applications & Updates page.