Network Overviews

DenteMax has three distinctive networks to help your practice grow. These networks cover the various types of patients you may treat.

DenteMax is fully committed to increasing your access to new patients with a seamless approach to administration and management. We partner with insurance companies, third-party administrators and self-funded groups that frequent your practice.
Participating is a great way to build your patient base and increase revenue for your practice, especially as the population ages and demographics shift. Technically, there is no difference between the administration of Medicare patients and DenteMax Commercial network patients. Simply submit the claim to the plan administrator and you’ll be reimbursed for covered services at the DenteMax fee.

Individual Membership Card Programs
Many individuals and families lack traditional dental benefits or have seen employers reduce or eliminate dental benefit plans, but still want access to a network of high-quality dentists. DenteMax has teamed with several companies to bring these patients to your practice through various Individual Membership Card Programs where members pay the discounted rate up front at the time of services.