SecureEDI LogoSecure EDI is pioneering enhanced efficiency and quality in the healthcare and dental care industries through the application of strategic e-solutions platforms. Secure EDI supports real time adjudication of claims, electronic funds transfers, data mining and a full range of informatics. The result is increased efficiency, seamless interfaces, improved quality and enhanced short and long-term planning by providers and payers.

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Software Overview
Secure Claim Dental billing software has all of the components necessary to allow an office that is currently performing their daily patient billing related operations via paper and telephone and migrate those manual tasks, simply and easily, to an electronic process.

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These processes will save the business time, increase administrative efficiency, lower operational overhead, and ultimately improve cash flow by providing enhanced revenue management tools. Because today’s dental market requires that specific attention be focused on the technology needs of the dental provider and practice administration.

Secure EDI offers Direct Data Entry (DDE) of claims
Secure Claim Dental offers the smaller practice the ability to submit dental claims electronically. The software maintains a local database of all patients for which billing has been performed. Unlike web based claim entry systems, Secure Claim Dental claim submission does not require broadband access and an ‘always on’ connection.

Upon connecting to the Secure EDI information exchange, Secure Claim Dental software will synchronize and update itself so the user will always have the most current version available to the market place.

Tracking your claims is fast and easy with Secure EDI web portal!
In addition to claim submission, users will be able to verify patient eligibility and benefits at the point of care, perform claim status inquiries, and track claims thru the reimbursement process. This functionality is provided in Secure Claim as well as the Secure EDI web portal (Secure Track) solution offering the ability to view submitted claim reports, recall data, manage business analytics and create related reports real-time. 

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Secure Claim Dental
BenefitsSecure EDI provides great benefits, including: 

  • Complete Paper to EDI SUITE
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • NPI Compliant
  • All Payer Solution
  • Cleaner Claim Submission
  • Payer specific editing and error checking
  • Faster reimbursement
  • Improved cash flow
  • Easy to use, highly visual user interfaces
  • Dynamic Reporting Capability
  • Integrated NEA attachment features
  • Bilingual Customer Support
  • Bilingual interactive Training Tools
  • Proven EDI Market Growth Capability

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