Medicare Network

As a DenteMax dentist you have the option to treat patients covered by Medicare programs if deemed eligible. Medicare plans, also known as Medicare part C, offer enhanced benefits that are not normally covered under traditional Medicare including preventive dental services. This is a mutually beneficial program for both patients and dentists. Patients gain better access to quality dentists and dental care while dentists are reimbursed at the DenteMax fee schedule.

Here are some additional benefits of the network:

Build your Patient Base
The Medicare network is an excellent way to build your patient base, reduce empty chair time and potentially increase revenue for your practice, especially as the overall population ages. A majority of Medicare members are required to go to an in-network dentist and thus will be passing through your office doors. 

Easy Administration
It’s easy to be part of the Medicare network, especially when it comes to administration. Technically, there is no difference between the administration of Medicare patients and DenteMax Commercial network patients. Simply submit the claim to the plan administrator and you’ll be reimbursed for covered services at the DenteMax fee.   

Support the Medical Dental Health Link
Practicing good oral health can help prevent complications with overall health problems and improve patients’ lives. This is particularly important for people as they age. Chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease are increasing as the population ages and are linked to periodontal diseases. Join the DenteMax Medicare network and help stop the growing cases of periodontal disease among these patients.

Disclaimer Note:
Participation in the DenteMax Medicare network is available only to dentists who are not excluded from participation in Medicare programs and who are not listed as debarred by any federal, state or local government.