Brightsquid LogoSecure-Mail is the compliant messaging system that lets dentists, specialists and labs easily and safely share private patient information. It is a web-based dental collaboration platform, very much like email, that centralizes communication between dentists, office managers, specialists and dental labs in convenient and familiar message threads. The secure, HIPAA compliant software safely accelerates the sharing of patient data so that treatments can be delivered more quickly and patients are more satisfied.

“I recommend Brightsquid hands down. If you’re transferring
patient information it’s a no brainer.”
-  Michael Lasky, May Dental Arts

Five critical benefits Brightsquid subscribers receive:

  1. Privacy Protection and Regulatory Compliance
  2. Clinic Efficiency
  3. Ease of use and adoption
  4. Responsive expert support
  5. Secure large file transfer

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Included in your Dentist Subscription:

  • 5 Internal Accounts (1 doctor + 4 support staff)
  • HIPAA certified Secure-Mail messaging to protect your practice and maintain confidentiality of health records
  • Unlimited data storage accessible from anywhere and at anytime
  • 500 MB Attachments to all Secure-Mail messages
  • Unlimited 2-way communication with collaborators
  • Unlimited 2-way communication with patients

How Brightsquid saves your practice:
Exclusively available through Brightsquid, Secure-Mail works just like e-mail (simply compose, attach and send) with an important distinction - all communications meet patient privacy compliance standards. Secure-Mail also creates process efficiencies that significantly reduce costs (such as eliminating mail and fax) and help you work faster so that more can be done in a day.

Patient privacy is a growing concern for dental professionals. Recently, we have seen fines and lawsuits targeting smaller organizations with devastating repercussions (all it takes is one unhappy patient to start an audit) including over $200,000 in fines and penalties and as much as a 70% drop in patient loyalty.

A common misconception is that having a signed patient consent form to share information makes it acceptable to send information via email. However, this is not the case because traditional email is NOT compliant with patient privacy laws. This is due to reasons such as: 

  • Not Secure - To be compliant, data must be secure and encrypted during the sending and storage of the data.
  • Not Auditable - To be compliant, there must be an auditable record of who was able to read, write and delete all patient information. The way regular email travels the internet in transmission makes it impossible to track who viewed the information along the way.
  • No Disposal of Data - To be compliant, procedures must be in place to address the final disposition of data. Typical email systems hold and control your private information on their schedule.
  • Under the law, patients are not able to consent to you sending their information via email to other clinics.

Customer Stories

“I would definitely recommend Brightsquid. It's HIPAA capable, that's one feature we have been worrying about particularly with all the new federal regulation about HIPAA compliance and privacy. I know all these areas are being enforced more. It also gives a sense of confidence with our patients when we explain to them how we are transmitting their medical records and medical information to other doctors and other venues.”

Dr. Carl Johnson, Pacific Northwest Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

“Secure-Mail is the easiest way to share patient information. It works just like email, but it is compliant. I especially like how easy it is to send multiple high resolution photos at the same time."

Mr. Ulf Broda, Aurum Ceramic/Classic Dental Laboratories

“We have a need to share data safely, which Brightsquid absolutely does 100%. It also offers us great potential to grow our Clear Braces business.” 

Dr. Eoin O’Neil, O’Neil Dental Care


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