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Employer Peace of Mind
Professionally Customized Employee Handbooks for Dental Offices of all Types and Sizes.

No matter the size of your practice, whenever you address an issue, you must know which current state and federal rules apply to you. Far too many employers must settle or lose lawsuits simply because they are not protected by properly written policies. With a professionally customized dental employee handbook by CEDR HR Solutions, you can rest assured you will NOT be one of them.

Dentists receive exclusive savings of up to $1,000 off.

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Benefits for Dentists
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The benefits of an office manual customized by CEDR HR Solutions include:

  • 100% Compliant
  • Tailored to your practice
  • Crafted by HR experts
  • Takes 30 days or less
  • Supports all dental offices

How it Works
CEDR’s in-house legal team and certified HR experts will work directly with you or your office manager to custom write a dental office manual for your office. It will be tailored to match your office culture and goals, number of employees, and your state to provide you with all the policies and protections you need to effortlessly run your business.

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What Members Say About CEDR HR Solutions

“I can highly recommend the Employee Handbooks provided by CEDR Solutions. They have been an invaluable tool in our quest to get our systems in place. Not only are they extremely thorough, they make it easy to resolve any employee concerns or questions.”

Dr. E. Jackson

“Any problem associated with Employee/Associate is corrected with speed and confidence. CEDR gives Piece of Mind-no stomach acid, good nights sleep, and saves time. CEDR enables us to focus on growth and patient care while they put out the legal fires and future or potential legal pitfalls. In today’s litigious society it is unthinkable not to use CEDR.”

Dr. T. O’Neil, DMD

“I couldn’t imagine doing this myself and doing it correctly. Sometimes it is better to pay for convenience and peace of mind, all in what you value.”

Dr. H. Rider, DDS

Who is CEDR HR Solutions?
CEDR is the national leader and #1 provider of individually customized, high-quality, fully comprehensive dental office manuals and unlimited, on-demand HR support for dental practices across the United States. CEDR currently supports over 650 offices nationwide by offering fully customized, comprehensive dental office manuals and unlimited HR support.

Visit CEDR HR Solutions’ website at cedrsolutions.com to learn more. You can also call them toll-free at (866) 414-6056 or email them at info@cedrsolutions.com.

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