DEC 02

What’s Involved in Getting Dental Crowns?

If the dentist has suggested the possibility of getting a dental crown to treat an issue, you probably have several questions. In this helpful article, we shed some light on this popular topic.


DEC 22

The Mental Health Benefits of Mindfulness

Mental health is an important piece of our overall well-being. Learn about the benefits of mindfulness and ways to apply them in your daily life.


DEC 15

Tips and Tricks to Avoid 3 Common Bookkeeping Mistakes

Accounting and bookkeeping might not be everyone’s favorite part of the job, but it's essential for keeping the lights on! Learn how to identify the three most common dental bookkeeping mistakes and tips to avoid making them.


NOV 09

Tips and Tricks for Making Dental Care a Priority for Children

Ages 6-12 are critical in a child's oral health development, so it's important to ensure healthy habits are being practiced at home.


OCT 27

4 Ways to Solve Patient Conflict Through Empathy

Sometimes, patient tension can turn into conflict. But by applying empathy in these four ways, you can diffuse most conflicts and create a positive patient experience.


OCT 12

For Patients: The 6 Things You Need for Your Dental Emergency Kit

If you are unable to see your dentist right away after a dental emergency, you’ll be thankful you made the extra investment in these six simple emergency kit items.


OCT 06

Make Your Dental Office Meetings Better by Solving These 3 Common Problems

Your practice is too busy to spend time in bad meetings. We’ve gathered some of the best advice on how to make your meetings effective and valuable for your team.


SEP 22

The Three Keys to Unlocking an Effective Internal Communication Strategy

An internal communication plan is a key component in an effective business. These strategies can help you leverage this important tool.


SEP 18

Five Tips for Engaging Loyal Customers on Social Media

Engaging with your patients on social media is a key marketing strategy. Learn how to use your platform to stay connected with this important audience.