Are You a New Dentist? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Professional and Personal Development

a young dentist is eager to develop her personal and professional growth

Congratulations! You’ve graduated dental school and you’re either working in a practice or well on your way. But even though you have your degree in hand, your education is just beginning.

Your professional and personal development is going to be a critical part of your growth well into retirement.

That’s why we’ve developed this professional and personal development guide with the new dentist in mind. And even if you’re a hygienist, office manager or another kind of dental professional, we hope you also find the information here useful for your own journey!

Places to network

There are few better ways to make connections and learn something new than to attend a conference. Here are some of the biggest events in the dental industry.

You can also visit the ADA calendar for a listing of events.

Where to earn continuing education credits

Every dental professional needs continuing education to meet license requirements and grow their careers. Here are some places to find courses.

How to get inspired

From quick-hitting TED Talks to life-improving podcasts, here are some inspirational launching points to spark your professional and personal journey.

The bottom line: Whether you are looking to network, get inspired or continue your education, your journey as a dentist is just beginning. Use this guide as a starting point and share with anyone who is seeking personal and professional development!