5 gifts to add to kids’ goodie bags

a child is happy at the dentist after getting her goodie bag

It's always nice to send patients home with a goodie bag. Not only do gifts make a good first impression, but you are also giving them tools to keep up healthy oral health habits at home.

But what about kids? To get your youngest patients excited about their teeth and coming back to see you, here are five things you can give away in addition to that free toothbrush and floss.


What kid doesn’t like slapping stickers on everything? You can stock up on all kinds of dental-themed and gender-neutral designs for kids of all ages.

School supplies

Let’s be honest: kids are always losing things like pencils and erasers. By giving them school supplies with your practice name on them, they will carry a reminder of oral health wherever they go!


These are a perfect gift for summer and many kids will enjoy playing with them when they get home. Talk about a positive association!

Garden seeds

Planting seeds is a fun, educational activity for families to do together. You can even brand them with a catchy saying like, “Helping you grow your oral health!”

A holiday-themed toy

Whether it is Halloween, Christmas or Independence Day, swapping in a holiday-centric toy can be a fun way to keep bags interesting for next time your kid patients visit.


Bonus: We have an entire article on how to get kids excited about the dentist!

The bottom line: To make a great impression on your youngest patients, add some fun gifts to the toothbrush in their goodie bag.