Need CE Credits? Here is Where to Start

a dentist will need to earn CE credits to stay certified


As we are sure you know, dental professionals need a certain number of continuing education (CE) credits in order to renew their certifications and licenses and continue their career growth.  But how do you start the process of finding courses to satisfy these requirements?

In this guide, we outline some places you can earn your CE, both in-person and virtually. Feel free to share this list with your colleagues!

First, things first: every state is different

Before you start looking for courses, double-check with your state’s requirements, as they vary across the country based on hours needed, required course topics, approved CE providers and other factors. Consult this guide from the American Dental Association (ADA) to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

Where to find CE courses

Now that you know what is required to practice in your state, it’s time to see how to satisfy those credits.

Dental Organizations

Nationally recognized dental organizations are a great place to find CE and many are approved providers across the country. The ADA is an excellent starting point and offers courses that are both live and virtual to take at your own pace. You can also check out the Academy of General Dentistry, which offers free CE to members.

American Red Cross

Many states require CPR as part of their continuing education requirements. The American Red Cross is a great place to find this life-saving training in either in-person or online formats. There are even abbreviated courses for those looking to get recertified.


You may recognize some of these names from popular oral health products, but they are also sources of continuing education as well. The Colgate Oral Health Network, from Crest and Oral-B and the Philips Oral Healthcare Online Learning library all offer on-demand CE that you can access with free registered accounts.

Dental Support Organizations (DSOs)

If you are a member of a DSO, you and your dental team may already have access to many continuing education courses. Check with your DSO to see what they have!

The bottom line: You are already busy enough: finding CE shouldn’t be hard. There are plenty of options to help you fulfill your requirements either in person or on your own schedule. And if you happen to be a new dentist, check out this article for a whole slew of resources to help you start your personal and professional development journey!