5 ways to show your dental team gratitude

a dental teammate grins because she is shown gratitude at her office


Holidays and observances are a great time to show your dental team how much they are appreciated. But gratitude shouldn’t be limited to just select days of the year.

To keep the good vibes going all year round, here are five ways you can show your gratitude.


Invest in their growth and goals

If you really want to invest in your teammates’ success, consider giving the gift of a continuing education course or even a ticket to an upcoming industry conference! To find CE opportunities, check out this post or click here for some info on conferences lined up for 2024.

Practice the Golden Rule

As children, we are taught that we should treat others as we want to be treated. And while that sounds like common sense, it can be surprisingly easy to get caught up in our own heads and not realize how our words and actions affect others. Since positive interactions have such a significant impact on our workday, it is important to connect with our teammates. Yes, it’s true: kindness counts.

Surprise them with a gift

Tokens of gratitude are the ultimate way to brighten someone’s day, especially when they aren’t expected. Whether it is a gift card to a local favorite coffee shop, a bonus PTO day or “just because” bagels, small gestures like these can go a long way toward retaining talent and creating a positive workplace.

Give them the spotlight

Your patients wouldn’t have the healthy smiles they do without your team, so why not showcase these oral health heroes? You can put the spotlight on your team at the office or create posts on your social media pages.

Channel that gratitude to your patients, too

If you’re celebrating your team at work, why not share the love with your patients as well? You can turn teammate appreciation into an event everyone can enjoy! Celebrate your staff (and oral health at large) by giving away extra surprises in your patient goodie bags or host a raffle for a fun prize.

The bottom line: Gratitude isn’t limited to select days of the year. Make sure your teammates know how much they appreciated by investing in their growth and showing kindness.